If you’re looking for an instant film camera that allows more control over how your photos turn out, look no further, the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is a fine choice.

Watch the above video for a fairly detailed look at the Mini 90. I go over my experience shooting with this camera, its functionality and features, and I also share many of the instant photos I captured with it.

Below are a few pieces of info for a quick look at its features and some sample photos.

Back of Camera Buttons


A) Macro

Lets you shoot subjects at a very close distance, for example, a flower. The close focus distance is between 30 to 60 cm.

B) Light / Dark

You can cycle through different exposure settings from dark, normal, light, and light +. This feature is one of the most useful features for dialing in the look you want.

C) Self Timer

Press the self timer and you’ll have time (about 7 seconds) to get in front of your camera to snap a photo. If you press it twice, it’ll take two photos.

D) Flash

You can turn the flash on or off at will. No more auto flash if you don’t want it. I often use the flash to help freeze moving subjects and to add a some fill light even though my scene was plenty bright. It really lets you get more creative with your shots. There’s also a red-eye removal flash mode so your subjects don’t look completely baked… unless they’re completely baked.

E) Mode

The mode button isn’t really a feature, but it’s just the button that lets you cycle through the different scene modes.

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Here are some photos taken with the Instax Mini 90