I recently received my pre-ordered pack of Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini Monochrome film. I only ordered one pack because I wasn’t sure if the film was going to be any good, and because I’m poor and film is expensive. It turns out the film is pretty good.

In my opinion, the film has a nice amount of contrast and the dynamic range is decent. It’s not the largest amount of dynamic range, it’s acceptable for sure, but it does look like the shadows get crushed pretty easily. It was pretty overcast and the light was changing quickly on the day I went shooting. I want to get some more of this film and see how it behaves in bright sunlight and also indoors in low light.

One thing to note, the blacks have a subtle blue tint to them. The Impossible Project black and white film has a mild sepia tone on their black and white film. If I had to choose, I prefer the tone of the Impossible Project film, but the Instax film is a little sharper, develops more easily, and is definitely more affordable. I do hope that Fujifilm releases this black and white film for the wide format instant cameras. That would be amazeballs.

Anyways, here are the shots from my walk around downtown San Diego. They aren’t anything to brag about, but hopefully they’ll give you some idea of what the film looks like. 

Ps. the camera I was shooting on is the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. A fine camera, for sure. See the review of it here.

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Instanx Mini Monochrome Instant Film Scans: